Red-shouldered Hawk Calling At Lema Ranch For Skywatch Friday

by Larry Jordan on July 9, 2009

Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk Calling From Lema Ranch photos by Larry Jordan

After checking the bluebird trail at Lema Ranch Monday, I was walking around Leah’s Pond and heard a Red-shouldered Hawk screaming.  Well, I guess I could say calling but if you have heard a Red-shouldered Hawk vocalizing, you know what I mean.  I found the hawk, in the top of an oak tree easy enough by following the call.  Here is a photo of him/her calling.

Red-shouldered Hawk Calling

I can’t leave you hanging on the call because once you hear this call, you will always be able to identify it when out in the field.  So I found a video for you, specifically for the vocalization.

I snapped a few pictures of him/her perched then got these as this beautiful bird flew off.

 Red-shouldered Hawk In Flight

Still screaming!

Red-shouldered HAwk In Flight

To see some incredible sky photos, go to Skywatch Friday!  You can play too!

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