Red-shouldered Hawk On The Hunt

by Larry on September 20, 2010

Red-shouldered Hawk Hunting photos by Larry Jordan

On my way out of Wildhorse Golf Club territory last week, where I stopped to count Burrowing Owls on the way home from the California Burrowing Owl Consortium meeting, I happened upon this Red-shouldered Hawk, hawking a meal in the narrow strip of grass between the trail and the open fields to the East.

Focused on his prey, waiting to pounce, I almost took him for a stump sticking up out of the ground until he moved

He was so intent on the capture of the prey that he didn’t even notice me setting down my tripod and snapping off these shots through some tall grass.
I wondered what it was that he was hunting.  Red-shouldered Hawks mainly eat small mammals, frogs and reptiles and this was perfect habitat for all of the above.
He seemed to have something under his control but I couldn’t see the prey
There was quite a bit of distraction nearby in the form of groups of people speaking loudly on the trail

but he was still focused on something.  Something small.  Maybe a lizard.  Them he turned around and flew
into a nearby tree where he stayed pretty well hidden in the shadows as I waited.
Red-shouldered Hawks generally hunt from a perch, waiting to swoop down to snatch their prey and I was waiting with him to try and catch the action.  He was looking around the entire time as I watched from a distance.  Then, all of a sudden, he took flight, directly toward me.  I snapped off one quick shot.
To my amazement, he landed on the ground, not far from where I was standing.  I re-focused as quickly as I could and shot the portrait you see at the front of my post before he took off, most likely for better, quieter hunting grounds.
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